Monthly Archives: January 2007

Crashin’In at Galapagos

We have a show coming up this friday.  It’s a little late, but if you’re feeling saucey … come out anyway! Friday Jan. 19, 2007 at Galapagos, 70 N6th St., Williamsburg, NY 10pm-4am  (show up 1ish for das Ravens?) Cover $8

Lit Photo

Asher and I played a show at Lit over the summer, while many of the rest were away from NYC. Brittany showed up minutes before the show and sat in on drums!! It was a good time. My friend JJ took this shot.

Adding To Asher’s Post

If you invite us over to play you the record, Rich will bring cookies.

Here we go

Hey all, Just writing in to say the album is done. No release date as of yet (late April early May) but soon enough. Anyone who wants to hear it before then probably knows one of us and should give a call and we’ll hang out and play it for you. Much love, Asher

Ampersand vs. And

There has been an ongoing dispute among the Ravens about the spelling of our name. Some people (, me) think that the second word in our name is spelled A-N-D, others (, Avery) simply use the “&” symbol. Well for those of you who want to go through life cutting corners and replacing english words […]