Monthly Archives: May 2007

the Tour Continues

Last night we played UCLA with Meho Plaza, and the night before we played the Scene Bar in Glendale with Nationale, Wallpaper, and the Politics.  It was great to finally meet our label-mates Meho in person at the UCLA show.  Their set was excellent — quirky and energetic.  It was especially fun since we’ve all […]

So far … one big parking lot

We’re staying north of LA in Woodland Hills until our next gig. The weather has been beautiful, but so far, a lot of our tour has been spent driving from place to place.

Tour Blog Day 2

At this very moment Rich is watching History Chanel, drinking High Life and letting peanut shells fall on his bare chest. Asher asked, “when did you become a 50 year old man in Montana?” Other than that, we were walking down some nameless five lane highway in the valley today and found this on a […]

Last Rehearsal Before Tour

We just had our last rehearsal before we head out to the west coast. We’re playing Union Pool tomorrow in Brooklyn, and then Friday early morning hopping on a plane for LA!

Blue Skies

The weather has become mild and wonderful here in New York. I started to substitute my bike for the horrid urine-soaked subway. It would be nice to go lay down in McCarren park today … but my vocoder isn’t going to record itself!

Tour (b)log

The first entry to our tour diary. Maybe someone will publish the next batch? Gothamist? I’m looking at you guys! So Brittany flew into New York last night to start rehearsals with the Ravens. We’ve got a busy few weeks ahead of us, and I applaud her for making the 15 hour journey to New […]