Monthly Archives: June 2007

New Show Announcement.

Your favorite Raisins and Chives will be performing this Monday at the famed Mercury Lounge. It’s one of those “see how many people we can bring” type deals where the club puts us on a funky time slot to audition us and our  fans. So….show how obsessed you are with our good looks; come on […]

Strange Things A Brewin

Something odd is in the air. People are having visions of our success. Says one friend, “i had this weird dream last night that you guys were playing vera and i was running the show, only teh show was at moma, and i got yelled at for getting coffee while you were loading in.” Coffee, […]

Tour Blog: Finally Some Pictures

My deepest apologies for not constantly posting while we were on the road. Once we left Los Angeles our days and nights were filled with endless walking tours, new friends, and of course great performances. Here are some pictures from the tour: Working Hard at the Heather Court Studios in Los Angeles. Ravens, ATTACK! Some […]

We’re Back in NYC … that was fast

I’m pretty sure in this photo I am reaching up to change OSC1 from a Saw wave to a Square wave during Brittany and my solo bit at the end of Archways. Britt is playing glockenspiel with her right, and piano with her left (she occasionally does this part in octaves on the right… using […]