Monthly Archives: November 2007

Would You Rather

We’re back in New York now for some good Thanksgiving eating and a show at Piano’s on Tuesday, November 20. While on the road the Ravens came up with some really fantastic “Would You Rather” questions. Here’s a taste: Would you rather be bitten by a black widdow spider or a cobra snake? Would you […]

Cold Chillin in Cleveland

Well here we are, all the ravens together at last at a coffee shop near my cousins’ house in Cleveland. It’s our day off so of course we’re playing trivial pursuit, drinking coffee and using free wi-fi. Yesterday was very surreal. We woke up early in Chicago, drove for five hours through some beautiful autumn, […]

On the road again …

We’ve been driving for as long i can remember. I’m typing this from my iPhone as we sprint from Cincinnati to Chicago. Everone is excited to perform tonight – only a few short hours left. Photo and more to follow soon!