Cold Chillin in Cleveland

Well here we are, all the ravens together at last at a coffee shop near my cousins’ house in Cleveland. It’s our day off so of course we’re playing trivial pursuit, drinking coffee and using free wi-fi. Yesterday was very surreal. We woke up early in Chicago, drove for five hours through some beautiful autumn, Indiana countryside and wound up in Cincinnati by Lunch. After a wonderful in studio session at WOXY radio, we made it up to Columbus for our second show, and third major city of the day. In Columbus we saw our first snow of the season. The kids in Columbus are very passionate about their football (go Buckeye’s). From the stage we asked what football team we should root for and about two and a half minutes of heckling and bar brawls ensued. Lesson Learned.

Tonight we’re going to go drool over Brian Jones’ dulcimer at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, see a movie, and go to sleep early. Tomorrow we’re playing at a cool loft in Lancaster, PA called The Sugar Tank.

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