Download Ben Britten – Lies

Ravens & Chimes are joining bearded Brooklynites, coffee drinking Portlanders, and blackberry addicted Los Angelinos on the great pilgrimage known as SXSW! So far we’re playing shows at Club De Ville and at the Convention Center (day stage). Of course I’m not really a fan of too much downtime when touring with Ravens; we love playing shows and are always thrilled to set up in crazy venues, houses, street corners, and dorm rooms. So, If you’re throwing a party in Austin and want us to come hang out, play some music, or just eat some ribs all you have to do is ask.

In other news, I’ve been working on a few insane music projects: Most of my time has been eaten up by a sound design gig for a theater in New York. It’s been really fun mimicking a giant’s footsteps, cow moo’s, and wolf slayings. Last night I put the MXL 990 in my apartment building’s stairwell and recorded the sound of dropping a suitcase down a flight of stairs. I definitely captured the feeling of a fifty foot woman falling to her death. check it: Sound Q

A couple of weeks ago Ben Britten came up to my studio from Lancaster, PA to work on some demo recordings. He had spent a few days at The Sugar Tank tracking some songs and thought it would be cool to try his material out in a different studio. The guy had just recorded on a Neve console, a huge open loft, and crazy vintage mics and preamps. And there I was trying to rig 50 feet of microphone cable in order to get a decent sound out of my kitchen. The work was cut out for us and I think we did a pretty decent job.

Stay tuned for some more of the session along with me and Avery’s ghetto hip hop record.