Is anybody going to the Tam Tam’s tomorrow?

I asked this from stage last night and I think I saw a tumbleweed float by. I guess our fans aren’t the sandals-wearing, frisbee-tossing types. I love you all regardless.

And speaking of our show last night. It was sold out! (see above) Amazing. Everytime we come up to Montreal we have a blast. Great people and great culture. All the kids at the Casa Del Popolo were so friendly and, well, Canadian. Soon after our set I quickly made it across the street to a performance by Oneida (rock!) and Carla Bozulich with Nels Kline. Nels Kline! What a treat.

One of the Wolf Parade guys were out at the show last night. I love this city.

In other news, I just discovered Avery’s Website.

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