This summer I finally got film for my “analog” cameras, A Kodak Brownie and a Holga. The brownie was one of the first point and shoot cameras sold to the public at a relatively cheep price. It’s also one of the easiest cameras to operate: load in some 127mm film, tape up the case for light leaks and go to town.

I brought three rolls on the Ravens June tour and only busted out the Kodak for sweeping shots of the American countryside or for haunted Canadian cathedrals. While the rest of my band mates would dig through the van for their various digital cameras every time we drove past a cactus or a mountain, I would sit back and enjoy the ride. Of course as soon I was reminded of Ansel Adams or double exposures I would be the one running back to the van to find my new toy.

The Halga has a mind of its own; light leaks, tripple exposures, and four flash colors to choose from. Below is a shot of Asher superimposed over our Bumbershoot backlighting. Crazy.

The full flickr set can be found HERE