Getting Back To It!

TX-1011-Palm Lined Road


After a year of intense rehearsals and pre-production here in NY we are heading back up to Montreal later this week to start recording the last group of songs that will constitute our second album. YAY! Feels good to type it. It’s been a long time coming. For those of you who have caught us playing various “surprise” shows around town in the last year you have gotten a chance to hear some of the new stuff. For those of you who have not and live far away we are planning to tour as soon as this record is done, out, and in your stereos feeding sunshine vibes into your life.

Lastly for those of you who were bummed that our song Carousel didn’t make onto the Twilight 3 soundtrack it will be on this record.

Will report how it goes from the studio.

See you soon!

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