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We’re playing bumbershoot today. 5:00 PM a the EMP Skychruch. It will be something like this:

birds and my first blog entry ever in the universe!

Hey, This is my first time writing on a blog ever. Along with my post I wanted to show you all some ravens I made out of socks while in the van for the past many days.  I sold four out of five of them at our show at Spaceland tonight!  Pretty awesome.  Gotta make […]

Travel Day

We woke up this morning in Montreal. Brittany cooked us all french toast with Blackberries. Mike, Avery and I went to an internet cafe to look up then headed back to the loft to write a Mali-inspired Indie rock song and a blues in G called “My woman got cocaine breath.” Now we’re waiting […]

USA and Canada Tour

We’re going on tour again! This time we’ll be hitting several cities in Canada, as well as most northern US cities (apologies to our southern US fans … we’ll come see you again soon too). New York NY, Montreal PQ, Toronto ON, Chicago IL, Madison WI, Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Vancouver […]

Mix Tape

We’ve met some great music fans these past six months or so since Reichenbach Falls came out. Many of them have come to us Ravens with their minds and arms open to dig into what completely freaks us out and turns us on. So here it is, a Mixtape of the Ravens’ favorite hits curated […]

Knives Out

Before the Trip to Austin, ribs for breakfast, and a Texan sized governer’s hotel party (really, it was rad) a few Ravens performed acoustic versions of the hits for a new blog called Songs About Knives.. Dig the video: Tech Note — Avery says: If you’re trying to view this in IE … please consider […]

New Year’s

A few days before New Year’s we were asked to play a party at the Cake Shop with our friend’s brother’s band, The Subjects. It was a tough decision, but how could anyone say no to playing music, getting free drinks, and avoiding the midtown crowds. Below are some pictures taken by our friends Tsugumi […]

It’s Sleeting Outside

Last weekend it snowed too and we were guests on WNYC’s Soundcheck program. You can download a podcast of the episode here In other news it’s very cold in the Northeast this weekend, so spend your nights inside with the warmest hearts in new music, Ravens & Chimes. We have some shows this weekend. They […]

Do I ever sleep?

Things are heating up around the release so I think it’s about time I started taking part in this blog. We’re playing our release show at Union Hall in Brooklyn on October 11th with Division Day and the first of our CMJ shows on October 16th at Fontana’s. Then we’re hitting the road on tour […]

I leave New York for two weeks and the streets are now paved with gold.

Some good things happened recently: We’ve got some more tour dates lined up for you to ogle our beautiful mugs. At Soundfix Records with Carina Round and Medium Cool 10/16 at 6:30pm FREE located at 110 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn At Monkeytown with our friends Ava Luna for their CD release party […]