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Hi, My name is Patrick

I’m new here. To the band and bloggerfying. In the band I play bass guitar.  Ravens inducted me to the band way back in October when we were where we are right now…Montreal. Back in October we were playing up the street from the studio at a place called Sport Benfica, which as far as […]

spot on

Tour was great. One wish: Inunditojn! Mi dezir ni povintus na? en la Iovao stratojn. B’caw! Floods! I wish we could have swum in the Iowan streets. Kickin!

long time coming

Since our last post, Ravens & Chimes have played three jazz festivals, one house party, one radio appearance, drove 4,000 miles, and spent two hours getting searched by the boarder patrol. All in all I have to say this was our most successful tour to date. In just a half hour of driving into New […]

We’re in the Northwest


Download Ben Britten – Lies Ravens & Chimes are joining bearded Brooklynites, coffee drinking Portlanders, and blackberry addicted Los Angelinos on the great pilgrimage known as SXSW! So far we’re playing shows at Club De Ville and at the Convention Center (day stage). Of course I’m not really a fan of too much downtime when […]

Do I ever sleep?

Things are heating up around the release so I think it’s about time I started taking part in this blog. We’re playing our release show at Union Hall in Brooklyn on October 11th with Division Day and the first of our CMJ shows on October 16th at Fontana’s. Then we’re hitting the road on tour […]

Strange Things A Brewin

Something odd is in the air. People are having visions of our success. Says one friend, “i had this weird dream last night that you guys were playing vera and i was running the show, only teh show was at moma, and i got yelled at for getting coffee while you were loading in.” Coffee, […]

Blue Skies

The weather has become mild and wonderful here in New York. I started to substitute my bike for the horrid urine-soaked subway. It would be nice to go lay down in McCarren park today … but my vocoder isn’t going to record itself!

I Think I’m Decaying

So last night Das Avery and I were discussing future internet plans for R&C; what are we doing with a blog, and what we should be doing with a blog? This is a forum for us to write about our lives as musicians and New York City dwellers. Here I am, writing to the world […]

Adding To Asher’s Post

If you invite us over to play you the record, Rich will bring cookies.