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We made It! Four days of non-stop driving and we’re here in Los Angeles. All of the Ravens can now say that we have driven across the country. We will be playing a free show at Spaceland tonight at 9:00pm. Below are some pictures from our journey through the desert yesterday. this is the Zzyzx […]

Iowa Flash Flood!

We got caught in some serious weather while passing through Iowa on tour. Check out this video! (Brittany filmed and Abe edited).

We have tour cats

Travel Day

We woke up this morning in Montreal. Brittany cooked us all french toast with Blackberries. Mike, Avery and I went to an internet cafe to look up then headed back to the loft to write a Mali-inspired Indie rock song and a blues in G called “My woman got cocaine breath.” Now we’re waiting […]

Is anybody going to the Tam Tam’s tomorrow?

I asked this from stage last night and I think I saw a tumbleweed float by. I guess our fans aren’t the sandals-wearing, frisbee-tossing types. I love you all regardless. And speaking of our show last night. It was sold out! (see above) Amazing. Everytime we come up to Montreal we have a blast. Great […]

T minus 2 hours

Asher is moments away from picking me up in the new tour van. This time we’ll be rolling across the country with a DVD player on board. I’ve of course packed three seasons of The Simpsons, One season of Arrested Development, Super Troopers and Spaceballs on DVD. Below is a more comprehensive list of things […]

USA and Canada Tour

We’re going on tour again! This time we’ll be hitting several cities in Canada, as well as most northern US cities (apologies to our southern US fans … we’ll come see you again soon too). New York NY, Montreal PQ, Toronto ON, Chicago IL, Madison WI, Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Vancouver […]

Mix Tape

We’ve met some great music fans these past six months or so since Reichenbach Falls came out. Many of them have come to us Ravens with their minds and arms open to dig into what completely freaks us out and turns us on. So here it is, a Mixtape of the Ravens’ favorite hits curated […]

Would You Rather

We’re back in New York now for some good Thanksgiving eating and a show at Piano’s on Tuesday, November 20. While on the road the Ravens came up with some really fantastic “Would You Rather” questions. Here’s a taste: Would you rather be bitten by a black widdow spider or a cobra snake? Would you […]

On the road again …

We’ve been driving for as long i can remember. I’m typing this from my iPhone as we sprint from Cincinnati to Chicago. Everone is excited to perform tonight – only a few short hours left. Photo and more to follow soon!