Live Webcast Tonight

Hey all, we’re playing a few tunes for Rawkblog’s inaugural show tonight, hosted by none other than David Greenwald!

Tonight, November 30th at 10PM on “Yowie” — details here.

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CMJ Shows 2010

Hey everyone!

We’re playing 3 shows this week as part of the CMJ festival.

Hope to see you soon,

Tuesday 10/19 7:30pm
The Rock Shop
with Diamond Doves, The Barr Brothers

Friday 10/22 9:00pm
The Trash Bar
(free beer!)

Saturday 10/23 1:00pm
The Delancey
Rooftop (acoustic)
with Savoir Adore, Ruby Coasts

Holiday Life!

So we did it. It took two years and a lot of very hard work and difficult decisions but we have finished recording our second album. Would have written more during the process but we were pretty focused in to the task at hand.

We’re playing our first show back at The Bowery Ballroom opening for Voxtrot on June 26th almost two years to the day from the last time we played there at the end of the Reichenbach Falls tour.

Can’t wait to get it mixed and start playing out again.28456_946021897379_827739_52310342_4364748_n

Getting Back To It!

TX-1011-Palm Lined Road


After a year of intense rehearsals and pre-production here in NY we are heading back up to Montreal later this week to start recording the last group of songs that will constitute our second album. YAY! Feels good to type it. It’s been a long time coming. For those of you who have caught us playing various “surprise” shows around town in the last year you have gotten a chance to hear some of the new stuff. For those of you who have not and live far away we are planning to tour as soon as this record is done, out, and in your stereos feeding sunshine vibes into your life.

Lastly for those of you who were bummed that our song Carousel didn’t make onto the Twilight 3 soundtrack it will be on this record.

Will report how it goes from the studio.

See you soon!

CMJ Show Friday, download Hearts Of Palm

Plans keep shifting around this 7” so we decided to post Hearts Of Palm for free download on the site. You can get it here

Also here is a review of the song and an interview I did with a blog in the UK this week.

Hope you enjoy!

In other news we’re playing a show as part of CMJ this Friday 10/23 at The Mercury Lounge (217 E. Houston) at 8 pm. We will be playing some of the new material from the record we’ve been working really hard on. Can’t wait for you to hear it.

Would love to see you all!


Pianos, Tuesday Night!

Last Saturday, we just played at a Bushwick Music Studios show with Or The Whale, Palmyra and Alex Greneir. My friends Lisa and Sue from Renminbi even dropped by! There was an excellent 2$PBR/BBQ balance, though the weather had just started to turn frigid, and playing with cold fingers is no fun. At any rate, we’re playing again tomorrow at Pianos around 11pm … come check it out if you’re still awake!

Tuesday, October 13th 2009, 11PM @ Pianos

More details are up on the Pianos NYC site.

See ya, Avery


Some Ravens, outside Bushwick Music Studios

Southpaw “RUMBLE” Show!

Hi Everyone,

We’re playing September 23rd (tomorrow) at Southpaw! Should be a fun show — hope to see you there.


September 23rd 2009 at Southpaw

September 23rd 2009 at Southpaw

Hearts Of Palm on KEXP!

It’s been a bit since any of us have posted. Hope you’re all well.

We’ve all been busy of course. Working on new songs here in New York. As of now we have half an album recorded and it looks like we’ll be heading back up to Montreal in a few moths to get more songs on tape.

We have a couple of shows coming up including CMJ so definitely check out the myspace page for upcoming dates. We will be debuting some new material and putting out general good vibes for those of you who are around.

In other news we are planning to put out a new 7” in late Fall. It will be two new songs one of which we recorded with Howard Bilerman and Larry Crane at the Hotel 2 Tango back in April called Clarissa Explains It All. The other song is one we recorded here in New York with Patrick called Hearts Of Palm.

John Richards from KEXP will be premiering Hearts of Palm on his show this week so tune in to KEXP (90.3 Seattle, 91.5 New York, Everywhere) from 9-noon EST to hear it.

Hope you enjoy. Talk more soon.


Hi, My name is Patrick

I’m new here. To the band and bloggerfying. In the band I play bass guitar.

Ravens inducted me to the band way back in October when we were where we are right now…Montreal. Back in October we were playing up the street from the studio at a place called Sport Benfica, which as far as I can tell is a social club for fans of the legendary Portugese club football team Benfica.

As Avery has already told you, we are in the beautiful and wonderful sounding hotel2tango with our trusty navigators Larry and Howard. Our journey to get here began on Thursday night in good ole NYC. We all piled into the big blue van (which I’m told doesn’t have a nickname….yet) and headed up to Asher’s parents place upstate where we stayed the night. When we got in at around 1 in the morning there was a fully roasted turkey with some homemade stuffing waiting for us. Awesome. Delicious. Thanks Mrs. Lack!

We rolled into Montreal on Friday afternoon and began setting up and starting to record beds (bass, guitar, drums). This place sounds really really good. Well for the next two days Larry worked Mike and I like we were oxen in the video game Oregon Trail. We sweated, we cried, even bled a bit, but we got through it and now there’s a great foundation for everyone to build on. Mike Riddleberger (new drummer) played the crapola out of the drums, but had to split early this morning to head back to NYC (11 hour train ride, ack!). His first show with us will be this Saturday at Mercury Lounge, so you should come check him out as well as the new songs we’ve been working so hard on.

While we record here at hotel2tango, we camp out in what I’m told is the French section of Montreal…about a ten minute drive from here. The digs are nice little duplex with two bathrooms and a nice little deck/porch that I’ve been doing my morning stretches and sun worshipping on.Also included in our cozy little apartment is an abnormally large rear projection television. This thing is huge. Mike liked to refer to it as our “glowing wall”. Avery promised me that he’ll post a picture of it later. Stay tuned!

Last but not least I have to tell you about a special person.


Gus is the trusty studio manager here, beautiful brown eyes, playful attitude, and can chill hard.

waiting for the ball to drop

He is also Howard’s border collie.


Hello friends!

We’re back in Montral at Hotel2Tango, recording the beginnings of something. The new studio that Howard and the rest have built is really wonderful – it retains all the charm of the old location, with the addition of some amazing new facilities. The main tracking room is huge and the resulting sound (most notably on drums) is huge. There is even a new espresso machine (it’s a Gaggia)! We are lucky enough to be working with our friend Howard Billerman again, as well as Larry Crane. Won’t say too much more because I don’t want to incur the wrath of lord mother Ash-tron, but suffice it to say, tape is rolling, and things are sounding great so far.

See you all soon,


Larry, Howard, Asher and Patrick

drooling :)...